- Where is my package?

Please allow approximately 2-14 days for processing (not including pre-order times as they vary) and 2-7 days (holidays, weather, global pandemics, and where you live effect how long delivery takes) for domestic orders and 14-60 days for International orders to be delivered. These are estimated times and do not guarantee when your package will be delivered.

- My package is late/missing/stolen/lost/damaged.

After delivering packages to USPS I have no control over what happens to the package and only know what your tracking number tells us. I highly encourage you to contact USPS or your local post office and ask about your package. I would like to kindly mention that incorrect/incomplete addresses, holidays, weather, global pandemics, and where you live effect how long your package takes to arrive.

If your package ends up lost or damaged, please email me or DM me on Instagram with your order number and contact your local post office/USPS and/or police station.

- I got an email about a tracking number but my order hasn't shipped yet.

I usually purchase tracking numbers before sending out or packing orders to prepare for packing orders. If you get an email regarding tracking numbers from PayPal, you do not have to do anything :) Do stay on the look out for an email from OBAKE JPN though saying your order has shipped. It has your tracking number and acts as a notice for when I finally do ship out your order.

- I got an email saying my order was cancelled but I never cancelled it? 

Don't worry, your order hasn't been cancelled. Sometimes I make a mistake with shipping labels and buy duplicates, so when one label gets voided, it says that your order has been cancelled. If I do cancel an order, I make sure to contact you beforehand.

- Are your stickers waterproof?

My stickers are water and weather proof and rated for outdoor use. They can last 4-6+ years outside, and longer if you're using it indoors.

My stickers are good for anything from your car to your phone case (see custom phone cases), laptop, waterbottle, or any other smooth, non porous surface.

All stickers in shop are proudly printed within the USA.

- Why are your stickers so expensive?

To accomodate for shipping fees, processing fees, domain name, production cost, labor, taxes, and sustainable packaging. The average cost of stickers is about $7-8+ each and shipping ranges from $4-14+ and sometimes even $100+ for international orders. Also, here's $10 for 1 free sticker: "THX4READING" ($20 minimum). I am also a one person team and have to consider my living and labor costs while growing my shop to make cool stickers for you and me.

- Who draws your stuff?

Me. Emily. おばけ!! JPN. I am a single person that works on this shop and I normally do not commission other artists. If artwork is done by someone else, they will be credited in the item description.

- Collab?

DM me on Instagram @obake.jpn!